Shenzhen Xinmao "R&D and Sales Center" Established


Starting industrialization


Entering the 3C digital market through ISO9001 certification


Passed national level high-tech enterprise and IATF16949 and ISO14001 certification


Becoming a negative pole leader in the ordinary digital field
Simultaneously entering the energy storage market


Entering the small power market


Entering the automotive power market, with a production capacity of 12000 tons/year
Sales exceeding 10000 tons/year, becoming a leading negative electrode in the field of communication energy storage


Ranked eighth in the industry in terms of negative electrode shipment volume, leading the physical method repair of positive and negative electrode materials
Guangxi Baise graphitization has a production capacity of 10000 tons/year and is under construction with a supporting full process production capacity of 15000 tons/year, with sales exceeding 15000 tons/year. Entering the electricity energy storage market and becoming a leader in small power negative electrodes


Guizhou Xinmao was established with a planned 100000 ton/year negative electrode full industry chain and 40000 ton/year iron lithium. 10000 tons/year of lithium iron production and 60000 tons/year of negative electrode construction are underway. Becoming a leader in iron lithium repair.